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Digitial marketing and proactive growth partner for ambitious ecommerce businesses.

👋🏻 Hire a growth-/business partner, who works for your company’s success.

Inspiring businesses, I have worked with.


Where I Kick-ass?

Be present where your target audience is.

I help businesses, whether you are B2B or B2C, reach your target audience through profitable advertising. I work purposefully based on your data.

Facebook Ads

I have spent millions on Facebook ads, and worked with companies in different sizes. I believe, that I can take your business to the next level.

Linkedin Ads

If you work “B2B”, you must be present on LinkedIn. 44% of all Danes are online on LinkedIn, and it is an excellent tool for generating qualified leads based on specific industries and job titles.

Snapchat Ads

Brand your business through engaging full-screen experiences that make users want to shop with you. Snapchat is here to stay, and is in constant development.

TikTok Ads

“The new player on the field”, and which we should not avoid. Get your brand exposed in completely new ways on a platform that is still blue-ocean.


How I kick-ass?

I am there for your business.

Proactive approach

I will continuously come up with new ideas, input and suggestions for improvements.

Seeking new opportunities

I am constantly looking for new opportunities on how your company can raise the bar.

Reliable business partner

You get “a” loyal business partner who is passionate and works hard for the success of your company.

Proud, but never satisfied

I am proud and grateful for my collaborations and results, but never satisfied. We can always improve.

Selected cases

“Determing factor in our online growth adventure”

“Kevin has been a decisive factor in Enamel Copenhagen’s online growth adventure. We quickly saw, that we got more visitors and conversions on our webshop, when Kevin took over our paid ads on our SOME platforms. Kevin is super pleasant to work with and we only experience very good communication.”

Marie Rantzau

Director and owner, ENAMEL Copenhagen

“Increased revenue and profit”

“For almost half a year, I have collaborated with Kevin. He has managed to increase our revenue from our Facebook ads, and get some really nice ROAS figures for my webshop.
He is very dedicated to his work, is always quick to respond to emails, and follows up every month with monthly meetings, where he reviews the results from the previous month.
In addition, Kevin is fantastic at coming up with suggestions for what we can do in the future to optimize things.

My very best recommendation goes to Kevin.”

Rikke Wolff

Ejer, ButikRikke

Shall we kick-ass together?

This is how a collaboration with me works – I start from your current situation and look at your data and current activities. Is there low-hanging fruits to pick? Is the technique and foundation in place? What can we do to  increase revenue, but with a focus on profit? These are some of the questions, I take as a starting point. After that, I knit together a concrete and tailored strategy that suits your business.

Book a 15-30 min demo call

After the meeting, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take, to take your business to the next level and create results online through paid advertising.

Find a time in my calendar and book an appointment today. I look forward to talking with you!

The demo call is perfect for:

Companies that want to move their offline business online.

Companies that see growth potential through digital marketing.

Companies that want to maximize their return on ad spend.

Companies with a growth mindset.

Companies looking for a loyal growth/collaboration partner who makes their business a priority.

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